Diagnostics & Theatres

The Diagnostics & Theatres team has 3 key areas of focus; Orthopaedics, Cardiology and Pathology.

The team has saved £8.8m in CRES and £9.9m in Cost Avoidance savings over the past 5 years and manages a contracted portfolio to the value of £48 million.

We are currently managing 2nd and 3rd generation contracts in all areas and offer commitment contracts managed through strong stakeholder networks and full engagement. The contracts have achieved financial savings as well as efficiencies through extensive standardisation and rationalisation of products and suppliers.

The team strategically manages its markets; supporting innovative ways of working and sharing good practice and knowledge with stakeholders.

As we look strategically at the future of procurement in these areas we are aware that demographics are changing and the demand for Orthopaedic implants and Cardiology surgery will increase in demand over the years, therefore we need to be prepared to meet these challenges; considering longevity of products and home monitoring of cardiology devices.

Pathology will see an increase in automation of disciplines that typically use manual methods of diagnosis; Microbiology and Histopathology.

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