eProcurement Contracts

    eProcurement Strategy

    Implementing the National eProcurement Strategy across South West of England NHS Trusts

    The 'Raising our game' strategy was published in May 2012 and its purpose was to describe actions needed to improve procurement in the NHS. Following this 'Better Procurement Better Value Better Care' was published in August 2013 and this set out details of the NHS Procurement Development Programme. More recently, the NHS 'eProcurement strategy' was published in April 2014. Implementation of the eProcurement strategy will fundamentally change the NHS, making it more efficient and helping it to save £billions in the coming years.

    Even before publication of the NHS eProcurement Strategy, we commenced working with National Programme Leads in building knowledge and awareness. We are the major collaborative in the region and we are currently working with our members to establish how best to provide the support needed to help them implement the eProcurement strategy.

    The building blocks of the Strategy are the adoption of GS1 Standards in regards to products and locations, the adoption of PEPPOL standards for the electronic transmission of purchase orders, invoices and shipping/delivery notes and also the increased application of technological solutions in areas like inventory management, patient and device identification.

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    Spend Analysis

    Spend Analysis

    Fully Transparent Business Intelligence Reporting for South West of England NHS Trusts

    Current Contract Dates:  1st October 2014 to 30th September 2016

    We have managed the Spend Analysis contract on behalf of the South West since 2009. Our Spend Analytics solution facilitates the benchmarking of prices across the South West . Such analysis serves to provide assurance to our members that they are receiving value from our collaborative procurement contracts. Additionally the raw data can be further analysed to inform future potential commercial opportunities.

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    Comprehensive Tender Management for South West of England NHS Trusts Using CTM

    Current Contract Dates:  1st April 2016 to 31st March 2019.

    The PPSA have managed the eSourcing contract on behalf of the South West since 2009. The solution is supplied and hosted by EU Supply on a shared, multi-tenanted platform. The system was previously running on a bespoke platform provided by Advanced Business Solutions and a data migration project was carried out early in 2016 to move Trusts onto EU Supply's common UK platform.

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