Go Awards  2010 / 11 – Finalist

GO AwardeProcurement Project

This is the first time that a project of this scale and nature has been undertaken across the NHS in England.

The vision and mobilisation of a single system across 38 differing organisations to implement electronic systems and standardise sourcing documentation as well as the sharing of online spend analysis information, strongly positions the NHS in the South West to co-ordinate improved collaboration and gain greater control of its £7.6bn expenditure.

Key to the successful delivery of the project was the facilitation of a multifaceted Project Team of 9 individuals, led by the PPSA and representing the 38 Trusts from across the South West, covering Counties from Gloucestershire to Cornwall.

The Project Team was formed in December 2008 to undertake the procurement. Following completion of this phase and award in July 2009, the PPSA have continued to work in partnership with the awarded systems provider Advanced Business Solutions and key stakeholders to put in place the enablers required for the effective adoption of these eEnablement technologies across all commercial and procurement activities.

This understanding established across the NHS South West supply network provides the opportunity for the NHS organisations to aggregate, rationalise, standardise and collaborate in procurement effectively. the system provides exceptionally high visibility to prices paid across the region, leading to significant savings on non-pay expenditure.