The PPSA is the lead procurement specialist for the South 1 (Devon and Cornwall) Pathology Group initiated by NHS Improvement (NHS I) to ensure laboratories within regions work more collaboratively.  The PPSA heads up the Procurement Work Stream at the Peninsula Pathology Delivery Group which meets monthly and consists of a Lead Pathology Clinician and a Laboratory Manager from each Trust.  Work generated from this group includes a Digital Histopathology System.  This is new technology for laboratories and a new area for the PPSA and collaborative procurement anywhere nationally.  This procurement project will be completed by Autumn 2021 and will ensure the NHS has robust systems in place to future proof the sustainability of the Histopathology discipline.

Another new procurement area for the PPSA is Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).  This system is vital for laboratories to talk to each other and view each other’s tests results. The LIMS is a critical enabler as the laboratories start to work more collaboratively across the region.