Spend AnalysisFollowing significant improvements to the Spend Analysis system in terms of performance, stability and quality of reporting, a further 2 year extension has been negotiated by the PPSA on behalf of member Trusts, commencing 1st October 2014. As part of the contract extension ABS will upgrade the solution to the latest version of the underlying technology (Cognos 10), which will support further improvements and in turn allow greater savings to be made.

Spend Analysis is our powerful spend analytics and reporting system, used across the South West NHS to save money on non-pay expenditure. It is the result of a collaborative project involving most South West NHS Acute Trusts and several other NHS organisations. The project was initiated in 2009 and since then many thousands of pounds have been saved by Trusts using the system. The system is provided by Advanced Business Solutions (ABS) and a 2 year extension was previously negotiated with them in September 2012.